Heat Shrink Tape

Heat Shrinkable Polyolefin Tape –

Product Number: IP69HT

Heat Shrink Polyolefin Tape is tough, abrasion-resistant polyethylene with thick aggressive adhesive for areas where tubing cannot be applied.

Heat shrinkable polyolefin tape is a primer-less, heat shrink tape designed to insulate and seal areas, where heat shrink polyolefin tubing cannot be used, for protection against moisture and corrosion. This unique tape permits quick and reliable installation without error by installers who have little experience working with heat shrink products. The shrinking action achieves exceptional conformation to contours, squeezing the adhesive into all surface irregularities, forming an effective seal.

Using a propane torch or heat gun, preheat the object to remove any moisture. This will assist flow-out and bonding of the adhesive. Spirally wrap tape, keeping snug at all times, with about a 20% overlap. Warm the ends first and press down firmly to secure. Start shrinking from the center, moving in a circular direction around the pipe at all times. As the tape shrinks, work towards the ends of the tape.

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