Layflat PVC Heat Shrink Tubing

Ultra thin wall for battery and pharmaceutical applications

Product Number IP3L

  • General purpose flexible polyolefin
  • Flame retardant
  • U/L, MIL-Spec.

Ultra thin wall for battery and pharmaceutical applications

Layflat PVC Heat Shrink Tubing is a thin-wall, low cost material offering good electrical and mechanical characteristics. When exposed to heat in excess of 275°F for a few seconds, the specially formulated polyvinyl chloride material will shrink rapidly and uniformly conforming to the shape of the object to be covered.

Layflat PVC is available in diameters from .250” to 6” and larger. The standard wall thickness is .004” and .006” but is also available as thin as .0015” and as thick as .012” (for thicker walls use product #IP30HS). Standard colors are white, black and clear but can be special ordered in almost any color.

Applications include insulation and jacketing of batteries, capacitors and similar objects – a vast range of applications in the production of industrial equipment, toys, sporting goods, electronics, medical and consumer products

A portable heat gun can be used for shrinking in most applications.

U/L VW-1
U/L file #E129478
Dielectric Strength: (.004) 2400 volts/mil
Operating Temperature: +100°C to -20°C
Cold Brittleness: 20°C
Heat Shock: 121°C, 1hr – no flowing, dripping
 or cracking
High Temperature Resistance: 200hrs at 100°C
Shrink Ratio:
up to 50%
Standard Colors:
black, white and clear (most any color available on special order)


Layflat is measured in millimeters flat width, in the range from 5mm up to 250mm and larger. Common sizes are shown below but many others are available
battery sizediameterflat width
3A7/16”17.5 to 19mm
2A9/16”23 to 24.5mm
N1/2”19 to 21.5mm
sub C7/8”.36 to 40mm
C1-1/8”42 to 48mm
D1-3/8”56 to 60mm
9V1-1/8”56 to 60mm


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