Hot Stamp Marking

Identification Markers for Wire & Cable

  • Hot stamped on shrinkable or non-shrinkable tubing and cable ties
  • Large stock of tubing and cable ties for immediate delivery
  • Custom made to your specifications
  • No minimum quantity

Insulation Products Corporation’s hot stamp wire markers are a low cost, simple, attractive and completely dry process for marking or coding wire, cable, ropes and other parts for identification.

Hot stamp markers identify or finish products to improve profits by increasing production, efficiency and appearance. Parts can be customized with manufacturers’ logo, part number, date code and serial number on all types of sleevings, heat shrinkable tubing and cable ties. A wide selection of type sizes, tubing colors and imprint colors give that finished look to your product.

Insulation Products Corporation will mark on U/L, CSA and military approved materials with a quality permanent imprint, cut to length and package to the customer’s needs. No minimum quantity is required per order. With new, high speed, automated, cutting and stamping equipment, orders are normally shipped in one to two weeks.

Ordering Data & Specifications:

  • Type is standard Gothic unless otherwise specified
  • Standard print color is black or white (other colors available)
  • Tubing sizes from 3/64″ up to 5″ diameter
  • Standard character sizes from 1/16″ to 1/2″
  • Custom sizes available
  • Markings on both sides available
  • Serialization available
  • On the chart to the right “D” is the inside diameter
  • “L” is the length to cut the tubing
  • Maximum 6 lines of type using 1/8″ characters
  • We will mark to these Military Specifications
    • MIL-STD-130: Identification marking of U.S. Military property
    • MIL-M-81531: Marking of electrical insulating materials
    • MIL-M-60903: Marking of electrical wires and cables (#7444)