Shrink over terminals for insulation and strain relief.

Product Number IP75AD

  • Premium Quality, Consistency and Reliability
  • Custom Engineered Products Available
  • ALL products made domestically

Domestically made adhesives offer fresher product

Insulation Products Corporation offers a complete line of Adhesive Products. From Instant Adhesives (Cyanoacrylates), Threadlockers and Sealers (Anaerobic), Structural Adhesives (Methacrylates) and Dispensing Equipment.


Instant Adhesives (Cyanoacrylates)

No other adhesives offer a better combination of convenience, ease of use, dependability and strength. Whether bonding rubber, plastic, metal, wood or other surfaces, this adhesive will give you the ultimate in performance. Cyanoacrylates are used where an extremely fast fixture speed and where minimal spacing is required.


Threadlockers, Sealing, Retaining and Gasketing (Anaerobics)

Whether you are looking for a locking/sealing solution on threaded fasteners, non-threaded assemblies (cylindrical, bearings, gears, shafts or pulleys), or form-in-place gaskets; we will have a product for you.

This family of adhesives are engineered to provide the most consistent fixture and cure times in the industry. Domestic production means you get fresher and therefore faster performing materials.


Structural Adhesives (1 and 2 part epoxies, Acrylics and Methacrylates)

We offer a complete line of epoxies, 1-part and 2-part, for bonding, encapsulating and potting applications for all types of industries. Our 2-part methacrylates are designed for structural bonding of most metals, thermoplastics and composites. There are great solutions for marine, automotive and industrial applications.



These products are designed to meet a variety of bonding and sealing applications. Extremely versatile and designed to provide good adhesion and sealing properties for many different applications. These can be used on glass, ceramics, masonry, wood, painted surfaces, metal and plastics.


Application Systems

Our dispensing equipment is reliable, consistent and dependable. We offer solutions from hand held applicators to fully automated systems, microprocessor controllers, precision dispensing valves and a complete family of accessories.


With engineers on site, we will be able to create a solution to your adhesive requirements. We are here for all your adhesive requirements.


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